Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finally, time to get back to something fun!

I can’t believe it!  155 days have elapsed since my last post.

Mea copa, I am sorry!

Now, I won’t give you a long story about my being out on a terrific sailing adventure, because no sailing adventure happened. Oh, I’d planned to take (trailer) Francesca-Rose down to Florida’s West Coast where I intended to sail the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) between Port Richey and Tampa Bay.  And if there was enough time, between Tampa Bay and Charlotte Harbor.

See what I missed?

Instead, this is my current situation.

 Francesca-Rose 01-31-2011  

As you can see, the boat is still behind my house - strapped onto the new trailer.

So what did I do for 155 days? 

I spent my time – blogging!

That’s right, I’ve just spent the better part of 155 days sitting in front of my trusty Acer Netbook, blogging on: Butterly on Senior IssuesI hope it didn’t turn out to be a complete waste of time!

On to the reasons for this post.

The primary reason for this post is to let you know I’m back.  

Also, it’s January 31, 2012 and the temperature in Chicago is a solid 55ยบ F, winds gusting to Force 5.  Perfect Rayner’s Boat weather! 

Right now, I’m looking out the window at Francesca-Rose. A mere 22 feet away and ready to go!

Francesca-Rose - Out the Window 

Over the weekend I attended the annual Strictly Sail  show at Navy Pier. For many Chicago sailors, this event marks the beginning of the sailing season.

In February, many of us attend the Chicago’s Maritime Festival:

Followed by St. Patrick’s Day, where Chicago turns its river green!

Followed then by Crowley’s Yacht-a-PA-Looza!  Sorry, no video!

Finally, a Chicago sailor knows IT’S TIME when April 15th (Tax Day & Harbor Opening) rolls around.

Well, all this writing about boats and shows and sea shanties and such has gotten me into the right state of mind to write about our boats; Rayner’s Boats!  

How about you?

Sailing Rayner’s Boats is your site! 

The purpose of the site is to share your stories and this editor needs your help

Look, I can tell stories of Francesca-Rose and whatever little adventures I might have on her.  And I intend to do that!  But this blog is not just about my Westerly Nomad. 

I can’t share your stories on this blog without your help!  So, come on, send me a few paragraphs and a picture or two or more if you like.  You can even send them to my personal email address:  Don’t worry about imperfections.  Remember, publishing your story is a team effort!  


Last weekend I learned that one of our rare W30’s, located in the Annapolis Area, is for sale.  This is a doable project boat that needs TLC and a good home.  Some of you have probably seen the notice on the WesterlyNomadand22 site.  See: 1968 Westerly W30 for sale

Michael Hunsicker, was kind enough to send me these pictures for my W30 page.  Of course, I would love more W30 pictures for the W30 page: hint, hint!  

Quite frankly guys, I believe it would be a shame for this boat not to be returned to active service.  It’s hull #43 of, if I have this right, a 46 boat production run.  W30’s are rare!   And rarer still in the US.  Again, this one needs a good home.  Michael Hunsicker, says $2,500 or less takes it!

Click on the picture for a closer view!

image photo.JPGphoto.JPG


photo.JPGimage photo.JPG

photo.JPGimage photo.JPG




Well, that’s about it for now.