Monday, August 29, 2011

Doug Wollmar Restores His Westerly Nomad…

“The story about my Westerly Nomad named “Nomad”, began with my search for the proper boat for where I live here in Maine; a narrow body of water called the Jordan River Inlet near Mt. Desert Island. The Jordan River Inlet has a narrow channel of about 8 to 15 feet deep for a couple miles except for one place that goes as low as 3 or 4 feet depending on the tide. All keel boats are challenged by this shoal.

I learned of the Nomad when visiting a friend who had one in his yard, as well as a Centaur at the boat yard.  He said he was going to restore it, then things changed when his barn burned down.

All of his wood and metal working tools and artwork gone, as well as the mast, tiller handle, sails, standing and running rigging, and boom. 

The prior owner said he only wanted to see Nomad restored and back in the water.  And knowing I wanted the boat and knowing I had just looked at the boat Shelagh ended up buying, offered the boat to me for free.  That was last July.

I had a sacrificial 21' MacGregor with a swing keel at the time of the purchase and used various parts to restore the Nomad.  When all was said and done, I gave him $500 for his free boat, sold my stripped down MacGregor for $250 and kept the motor.  So I was happy!

Nomad’s damage was restricted to the starboard side; fire blisters to the gel coat mainly above the rub rail.  The worst of the damage was on the deck.  No damage down, near the waterline.

After the fire…

I spent about three weeks here and there working on Nomad and got her in the water August 18.

Of course, work still needed to be done topsides but figured I could work on her on her mooring, which I did, including  my changing the deck to a sand color as the dark green became too hot for bare feet!”

Doug’s Nomad picking up a mooring!

Editor's Note: The pictures currently displayed on Douglas Wollmar's – Nomad are from last year.  I’ve been told that additional pictures have be downloaded, including; additions to the interior, a depth sounder, vhf, stereo. Doug has also added a jib downhaul and new sails.

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  1. A job well done ! Enjoy sailing her myself.