Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank you for the warm response!

Well, I’ve got to tell you, things are moving ahead quite smartly. I am thrilled with the number of views so far.

That said, I must give special thanks to the Yahoo Westerly 22/Nomad Group  (Y22NG) site for that.  And if you go there, you’ll see a lot of chatter under “Re: New Rayner Blog”.

Here at Sailing Rayner’s Boats

As you can see, I’ve added two additional Non-Westerly sailboat models to the masthead and a few additional links to the side-bar.  I am learning more about Cmdr. Rayner’s designs and the people who own and sail them, every day.  Also, I’ve added new categories and links to the side-bar.  The number of links, I am sure, will grow as we move on this tack together.

One exciting link is the NewRayner Boats Restored or Under Restoration” category.  If you want to see a wonderful set of restoration pictures, click on Douglas Wollmars’s – Nomad at the side-bar. 

Now I know there are quite a number of you who have restored or are restoring and who have upgraded or are upgrading your Rayner boats.  One only need look at the great photo collection at Y22NG.  A few lines printed here and a couple choice pictures from your Y22NG collection could go a long way toward encouraging others to do the same.  Just a thought.

Just send me an email at kennethbutterly@sbcglobal or with your text (two, three, four paragraphs or more if you so choose) with attached or inserted pictures, is all it takes to publish your post here.  Of course, I’ll be darn happy if you do and so will your fellow readers, I’m sure.  Ultimately, the sharing of your experiences are the reason for publishing Sailing Rayner’s Boats.

Link Needed!

Need a link for Westerly 30 Sailboat.  At the moment I can not find a permanent link to attach so it takes the reader back to this site.  Help!

Lastly, have you ever wondered what your Westerly Nomad or other Rayner boat might look like sailing under a different rig (blasphemy you say); why you might think of doing it and what changes might be brought to your boating experience?  That’s the subject of my next post.

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